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meet Jess

I’ve felt at home behind my lens for as long as I can remember. At just 16 years old, I left school, ventured into the big smoke and began my study into what would become my art, my love, my soul - photography.

With a few pauses in my journey to make a more-than-an-artist income and raise my son, it all started again when I got a call asking after a photographer for their granddaughters first birthday party and a voucher for a family session. I didn’t know it at the time, but that fated phone call was the new beginning to my photography journey.

Now I get the incomparable joy of capturing the most intimate moments of family. From sleepy, cuddly newborns to crayon scribbling toddlers to just-one-more-minute-on-the-iPad children, I welcome families of all shapes and sizes into my studio to pause time and capture the moments you want to hold onto forever.

for family photography

my home studio

A little under an hour from Melbourne’s CBD, my home studio is set up to capture the most intimate moments between your family. Homely touches, snuggly props and temperature control for the littlest of ones, this cosy corner of the world is the perfect setting to pause time, capture precious moments of love and let all the stress, worry and sleep deprivation fade into the background.

family photography session styles

Carrying your first, or even fourth, child is an experience to behold. Feelings of unabridged joy and endless excitement are at the forefront, but there’s often undertones of nerves. All feelings are at home in my maternity sessions, helping you feel at ease in front of my camera as we capture your first, or even fourth, journey to parenthood.

maternity photography

Your newborn is newborn no more. They’re starting to crawl. To explore. To find their feet in the world they’re starting to make their own. My baby sessions capture little ones aged 2-6 months. My sitter sessions capture slightly less little ones aged 7-12 months. The joy of watching them transform from newborn to baby to personality-filled toddler, all captured for you to feel the joy in these moments in the years to come.

babies and sitters photography

If there’s one thing that’s certain in our world, it’s that our newborn will only be newborn once. Captured within the first two weeks earthside, my newborn photography sessions will keep those earliest memories for you, and your newborn, to hold onto forever.

newborn photography

christmas family photography

bookings open late 2025

Between the Christmas shopping, dessert baking and gift wrapping, it’s easy to forget the true magic of Christmas - family. Take a moment to enjoy your loved ones with my Christmas family sessions, holding onto the true spirit of Christmas in amongst the holiday chaos.

christmas family photography

They grow up fast, too fast. One moment, they’re smashing a cake for their first birthday. The next, they’re learning to ride a bike. Going to school. Having their first sleepovers. Slow time to a halt with my outdoor family sessions, capturing the here and now for you to hold close as they grow and find their own place in this world.

outdoor family photography