Preparation Guide for your Maternity Shoot

Thank you for choosing me to take images of this beautiful season in your life!


What to expect during your Session

A Maternity session usually takes 1 hour. We will do 2 outfit changes and use a few different set ups. I supply maternity dresses for you to choose from for your session. If you would prefer to do one dress and one outfit of your choice, please see below.

What To Bring

• Please ensure you bring or wear a skin colour or white strapless Bra and underwear

•  Please bring along a pair of jeans

If you wish you can bring along one button down shirt or Blouse with a bra or fitted crop top for underneath.( Studio sessions only)
If you wish to have lingerie shots included in your session please bring it along with you.

• For Husbands/partners and children please bring or wear either white, grey or black tops with jeans or dress pants (its best if your all wearing same or similar colour tops).


Other notes

*Please understand that sibling shots and poses are not guaranteed as siblings are not always willing to co-operate.

*Please refrain from taking mobile phone photos or video’s during your shoot.

* Hair and make up no included in session

If you have any questions about outfits for your session, please contact me.

Studio and Session Health and Hygiene Policy:

These are the extra precautions we are taking in the studio and during sessions after the Covid-19 pandemic. Please ensure you read carefully before your session.

For you: 
-It is your responsibility to notify me if you or any person in your family attending the session has any symptoms of communicable illness (sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough etc) OR if you have been in contact with anyone who has been confirmed with Covid-19 or anyone isolating etc.

Bring and wear your masks as per the mandatory government rules. Masks will be worn throughout the session, and only taken off if you are being photographed.

-Shoes to be removed and left outside at the front door

-Wash hands and sanitise upon arrival and on departure

-Clients to have only Direct/immediate family ONLY- and from the same household


For Me:
-I will be wearing a mask during sessions as per mandatory government rules

-Every surface, prop etc will be sanitised and cleaned before and after every session

-Clients to have only Direct/immediate family ONLY- and from the same household

- Hand sanitiser and hand washing available and to be used throughout the session


*Subject to change without notice*