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Preparation Guide for your Maternity Shoot

Thank you for choosing me to take images of this beautiful season in your life!


What to expect during your Session
Outdoor Maternity Sessions- Outdoor maternity sessions take 30- 45minutes, you will also get to choose from my maternity dress collection which I will bring along to the location with me. The session location is in Berwick, the address will be sent to you in your confirmation email.

What To Bring

• Skin colour or white Bra and underwear (strapless bra if you have one)

• For Husbands/partners and children please bring or wear either white, grey or black tops with jeans or dress pants (its best if your all wearing same or similar colour tops).


Other notes

*Please understand that sibling shots and poses are not guaranteed as siblings are not always willing to co-operate.

*Please refrain from taking mobile phone photos or video’s during your shoot.


If you have any questions about outfits for your session, please contact me.